Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Twilight Saga: "Breaking Dawn" tonight at midnight

OMG!! I feel like such a teenager again. Well the 4th movie in the Twilight series premieres tonight at midnight and im SO THERE!!! Im taking 3 of my younger sisters, my cusion and a co-worker. We're leaving @ 10:45pm to to wait in line. Ive already got word at 6pm tonioght by another friend that they already started forming lines. Thats so crazy! But im all excited. I FINALLY pulled out my 2 cardboard cutouts of Jacob & Edward. Both from the Eclipse movie. SO freakin cool. Well i just wanted to finally publish an entry in my long awaited blog. Had to post pone my BREAKIN DAWN movie premiere party (which i was supposed to host on 11/12/11) for a later date. Its ok we got one more movie to go since this is just part one. Ok well gotta go get ready so i'll post pics from my night later on. The question of the night has been...


We'll im Both!! IM TEAM JAKWARD!!!!

Twilight BREAKING DAWN here we come!!!!

Forever is only the beginning!

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